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Odissi Dance Jewellery

Rs. 28,980.00

Odissi (Orissi) dance is a traditional dance form from Odisha. It is the oldest surviving dance form of India. Silver filigree jewellery is an integral part of the Odissi dance costume. The dancers usually wear two sets of necklaces as part of the attire - A long necklace with a pendant that ends just above the waist belt and a short necklace around the neck. The dancers also wear a Maang Tikka on their hair and forehead and matching ear rings.

Product Details: 
Silver Filigree Jewelry : Odissi Dance Jewellery
Product code               : OD012h
Weight                         : 265 grams

Odissi Long Necklace 
Odissi Short Necklace 
Maang Tikka