Our Story

Silver Linings Founders


The Beginning

Silver Linings was founded by three individuals from Odisha in the year 2016. At the core of this partnership was a deep love for Cuttack made Silver Filigree (popularly known as Tarakasi), and a shared desire to give back to the place the founders belong to.

Being from very different professional backgrounds – Ashish (Marketing), Hemant (Filigree expert) and Nisha (Tech expert) – formed a purposeful partnership to revive the fast disappearing art of Silver Filigree. They decided to create an eco system that deals with the key pain points of awareness and availability of Silver Filigree. the first step towards this was to create an online platform that seamlessly allows buyers from across the globe to access the timeless pieces of Filigree from the comfort of their homes. 

Tradition, history and the legacy of the art were combined with new ideas, technology and purpose. Silver Linings presented the beautiful Filigree creations and started establishing their online presence. With each new step taken in the direction of design, technology, customer engagement, alliances and international access, the brand came to be known for their efforts.


An Instinctive Desire For Purpose

At the heart of the brand is the ambition to address and honour the art of filigree – balancing between the past and the future.

Truly synonymous with the phrase ‘Silver Lining’ – seeing a positive prospect or hope in a gloomy situation – the brand is optimistic about the revival of filigree, especially at a time when the art has been declared as a dying art.

With inspiration from the age-old art, Silver Linings creates a range of jewellery and artefacts for all age groups and for different moments. All this with the unyielding strength of silver and the masterful skills of the artisans.


Way Forward...

The prime focus, over and above crafting the best quality jewellery, is to make buyers aware of the uniqueness of the art, the craftsmanship of the artisans who created it and that it is essential to keep the art alive.

Silver Linings wants to spread the love and the message that not only can jewellery lovers wear gorgeous handcrafted ornaments, they can be proud contributors to the cause as well.