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Silver Care

Many customers get worried when black deposits appear on silver items. However, there is no need to get puzzled at the appearance of blackish deposits on silverware. The blackish spots occur due to a natural process. When chemicals in the air get in contact with silver, oxidation takes place, and as a result, the silver gets tarnished. 

Care instructions for wearing:

We recommend removing your silver filigree jewellery before hitting the bed. Additionally, it may be a good idea to remove the jewellery before taking a shower. 

Care instructions for storing:

We recommend storing the silver filigree  jewellery in zip pouch when not in use, to avoid contact with air, water and chemicals.

We recommend keep the showpieces in its original plastic case. 

Care instructions for cleaning at home:

Here are few tips that will help you get rid of this problem by using simple household items. Do not use salt or lemon for cleaning silver.

1. Tips for cleaning silver utensils:

a)  After wetting the utensil, rub vim powder on the utensil with the thumb and one or two fingers.

You will immediately see the blackness disappear and the sparkle of the silver back on it after washing with plain water.

b) Apply a thin coat of Colgate toothpaste on the vessel. Let it dry. Wipe it with a soft cotton saree or dhoti or muslin cloth. See the utensils sparkle again!

2. Tips for cleaning payals, toe rings and silver filigree items:

Soak a soap nut (Areetha nut or Reetha) in water. Rub the soap nut with a tooth brush to get lather. Rub this lather with the tooth brush on the silver item. Wash with normal water. Here you go!

In case you are unable to remove the blackish deposits using the above household methods, visit a silver shop to get the items polished by a professional.