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Silver Filigree Jewellery adds grace to Odissi costume

Odissi (Orissi) dance is an Indian classical dance form from Odisha. It is the oldest surviving dance form of India. Archeological evidence of Odissi dance dates back to 2nd century BC, and is found in the carvings of the Khandagiri and Udaigiri Caves in Bhubaneswar. Odissi dance started as a court dance with King Kharavela as its biggest patron. Odissi dance gained popularity as a temple dance with the temple maidens or Devadasis performing the dance in the temples as a religious offering to Gods. Odissi dance epitomizes the love of Krishna and Radha.

Silver filigree jewellery is an integral part of the Odissi dance costume.

The dancers wear a Tahia (crown) around the hair bun that resembles a temple spire. A mathapatti is worn on the forehead. The dancers also wear Alaka on the forehead.

The dancers usually wear two sets of necklaces as part of the attire - A long necklace with a pendant that ends just above the waist belt and a short necklace around the neck.

The ear rings are called Kapas. The earrings are usually in peacock pattern Kaan.

 The waist belt is called Bengapatia.

 The arms are adorned with Tayita or Baju band and Kankana (bangles) are worn on the wrists.


Without Silver Filigree Jewellery, the Odissi dance costume would not look as gracious as it does!