Why SilverLinings

Here are few reasons why we believe we bring in the best value to you.
First of all, Silverlinings is not one of things we do. It is what we do. While we started small, our patrons like yourself are ensuring we get popular and bigger on the way.
Second, we are not in the game of valuation where we discount products to increase sales so that we eventually can claim a large consumer base. Our only effort is to bring to you the lost art of Filigree so that you can appreciate it by endorsing and wearing it. You must have observed the same in our pricing. We ensure there is a WIN-WIN situation for all the stakeholders including you. At the same time, we also don’t charge a huge premium/ margin. All our patrons feel that we are under-priced. But that is ok with us. Remember !!! we just want to stay away from standard business fundamentals. That is what we want to stay away from.
Third, we are not resellers of this beautiful art. We make this!! We closely work with the artists and artisans who turn silver into enthralling pieces.
Fourth, when you buy products from SilverLinings.in, you support the Make in India initiative and generate employment for hundreds of artisans in Cuttack.
Finally, we don’t forget the women / men behind this beautiful art. We do our bit for them and we will sincerely request you to let us know newer ways to add value to the lives of those artists who kept this art alive.
Overall, we are on the same side. Together we need to get this wonderful art out of its misery and bring it back to our households. We have taken the first step of connecting these artists to the world of internet. Now we need your help to make it popular. Please don’t forget that This is our ART and we are responsible for its success or failure.