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Timeless jewelry handcrafted with passion


Ganesha Earrings

  • Rs. 3,200.00

Silverlinings earrings collection is an array of designs – delicate and subtle, bold and statement. The collection is a wide-ranging showcase of the extraordinary skills of Odisha’s filigree artists. Free-flowing forms are handmade with intricate techniques.

A hallmark of the age-old art, each pair of earrings is a promise of strength and longevity, carefully crafted for all age groups.

The designs are created keeping in mind key elements of comfort, convenience and the variety of occasions.

Single piece available only.

Weight - 9.2 gms

Length - 3.5 cms

Exquisitely handmade

Product code: NIER09

Delivery: The jewelry is shipped within 2 days and will be delivered in 7-9 business days.

About the craft: 

From the earliest civilisations to the ancient times, filigree is a long-lost form of art. Most striking for its brilliance, delicate detailing and fine craftsmanship, its distinctive process involves a peculiar technique – carving, moulding, engraving, and polishing.

Tiny beads and twisted threads come together to form delicate tracery. The hands of master craftsmen neatly weave spirals, curls and jaals. Once a drop of molten silver, piece by piece, laboriously and patiently, elegant designs take shape.

About us: 

Silverlinings was initiated by a group of Filigree enthusiasts. The team also had two members who were 2nd generation Filigree family. Their primary objective of SIlverlinings is to save the beautiful art of filigree from extinction.

We at Silverlinings are committed to reviving this dying art of Silver Filigree. We work with over 40 artisans in Cuttack to revive, protect and promote this handicraft. We aim to make this art more reachable and more available to patrons across the world while ensuring that the artisans get their due credit and support.

Returns policy: 

We accept returns only for defective or wrong products within 2 days of delivery.

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