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Silver Konark Wheel

  • Rs. 11,022.00

The Konark Sun Temple built in 13th century is designed in the shape of a chariot of Sun God with seven horses and twelve wheels. 
This attractive Silver Filigree Konark Wheel symbolises the wheel of the chariot of Sun God.
The showpiece comes on a plastic case to protect it from dust.

Product Details:
Silver Filigree Konark Wheel SP032.
Size of case 7.5" x 8", Weight 90 grams (approx)
Size of case 7.5" x 8.1", Weight 100 grams (approx)
Size of case 8.5" x 9", Weight 120 grams (approx)
Size of case 9.5" x 10", Weight 150 grams (approx)
Size of case 10.5" x 11", Weight 200 grams (approx) Size of case 12.5" x 12", Weight 300 grams (approx)