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Silver Konark Wheel

  • Rs. 2,430.00
The Konark Sun Temple built in 13th century is designed in the shape of a chariot of Sun God with seven horses and twelve wheels. This attractive Silver Filigree Konark Wheel symbolises the wheel of the chariot of Sun God.  The Konark wheel in the temple is an engineering marvel  - it can tell the time to the accurate minute!
The showpiece comes on a plastic case to protect it from dust.
Product Details:
Silver Filigree Konark Wheel SP033.
Size of case 4" / 3", Weight 12 grams
Size of case 5.5" / 5", Weight 33 grams
Size of case 6" / 6.5", Weight 40 grams
Size of case 6.5" / 7", Weight 50 grams
Size of case 7" / 7.5", Weight 65 grams
Size of case 7.5" / 8", Weight 80 grams
Size of case 8" / 8.5", Weight 110 grams
(All sizes and weights are approximate).