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Chic Handbag Purse

  • Rs. 20,736.00
This silver filigree handbag is the perfect accessory for any attire.
It is sure to make heads turn and get you compliments.
Product Details:
Silver Filigree Handbag FH012.1
Size specifications: 
The size represents the length of the purse (handle to handle)
Size 5", Weight 150 gms (approx)
Size 5.5", Weight 200 gms (approx)
Size 6", Weight 250 gms (approx)
Size 6.5", Weight 300 gms (approx)
Size 7", Weight 350 gms (approx)
Size 7.5", Weight 400 gms (approx)
Size 8", Weight 450 gms (approx)