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Timeless jewelry handcrafted with passion

Vibrant Collection

At Silverlinings, we find inspiration in pure expressions – from the ancient art of filigree. All our jewelry and artefacts are created with this inspiration in mind.

Art shouldn’t be something so precious that you only place it on a shelf. Nor should design be so far-fetched from our culture, that we’re unable to adorn it. Silverlinings strives to revive and bring the art of filigree while transforming the same into wearable jewelry.

Our latest creation – the  “Vibrant collection” is a noticeable accent that adds a hint of personality to your outfit. These bracelets combine the best of Silver Filigree and semi-precious stones. They capture the spirit of the modern woman while staying connected to the vibrancy of the roots.

These bracelets can be worn with the charm for the bold look, or without the charm for the discreet look.

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