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Odissi Veni

  • Rs. 3,024.00

The silver filigree hair pin is an integral part of the Odissi Dance Jewellery. The hair is first tied neatly into a bun. Then a "Veni" or tiara is placed above the bun, and a hair pin is worn on the center of the bun.

Product details:
Silver Filigree Product : Odissi Veni
Product code               : HP031
Weight                          : 17 grams
Size of main motif        : 4.2" x 2.7"
The size is excluding the pin length. 

Customer Reviews

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Ekaterina R.
Superior service and product

Very beautiful veni just exavtly looking like on the picture. Made of silver with small red stone. Work is of very good quality. As I have a lot of odissi jewelry I know what I'm talking about. During last several years tge top sellers of jewelry in Bhubaneswar have decreased quality tremendously and you never know what alloy it is made. So I was very happy to get this piece as it has very good quality and look.
Delivery to Delhi was very fast.
Thank you . Will definitely buy again.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation and kind words. We are trying our best to save and promote this art in its original form. Words like these inspire us a lot. Thanks once again.