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Oxidised Chabi Challa

  • Rs. 4,560.00

Chabi Challa or key chain is a popular waist jewellery in Indian households. The key chain is hung  on the waist. The small tinker bells or ghungroos in the key chain produce a pleasant sound.

Product details: 
Silver Key Chain             : Oxidised and mesmerizing - Ladies Chabi Challa
Product code                  : K012
Weight                             : 24 gms
Length                             : 3“

Customer Reviews

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Parita S.
Unknown benefits of inserting a chabichalla on the waist.

If you insert a chabi challa with such long hook( 3.5 in. long inner part, 4in. long outer part and 1in. wide) on your waist over the pleats of your saree. about 1.5 to 2 inches from the center line of your body with saree worn about 2 inches below the belly button, and keep a bunch of several heavy keys attahed in the ring, the hook will provide acupressure healing as it presses against the throat points on your waist. The result is, your throat will remain clear of phlegm and your voice remains clear, and if you require to clear your throat, It will be very easy for you to do so. But please read the above para carefully before trying as all the conditions need to be fulfilled.