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Filigree Pendant Set

  • Rs. 4,500.00

This pair of Tarakasi Dangles and Pendant is one of our favorites. It is a must have jewelry for all Filigree Lovers.
It pairs well with Traditional as well as Western wear. The design is inspired by Geometry. The set look absolutely mesmerising! This design is an example of best of both worlds - traditional filigree work coupled with absolutely modern design.

Filigree is an age old handicraft with Silver Wires and is done extensively in Cuttack and Karimnagar.

Product Details:
Silver Filigree Pendant and Dangles
Product code: PD060
Weight of pendant and earrings: Approx 31.5 gms
Weight of chain: Approx 7.5 gms
Length of chain: 17"


About the craft: Silver Filigree is a handicraft in which silver wires are put together to create delicate and intricate designs. Filigree is done extensively In Cuttack and Karimnagar. The process of making filigree jewelry starts with drawing Silver wires from Silver Blocks. The thinner the wire, the more intricate the filigree work. The artisans first create the outer frame of the motif with silver wires and then fill the inside with intricate wires. The wires are then soldered together and polished .. and a timeless masterpiece is created!

About us: Silver Linings was started by a 2nd generation Filigree family to save this art from extinction. We at Silver Linings are committed to reviving this dying art of Silver Filigree. We work with 50 artisans in Cuttack to revive promote the handicraft. We aim to make this art reachable and available to patrons across the world while ensuring that the artisans get their due credit and support.