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Baby Girl Silver gifts

Baby Girl Gifts in Silver

Looking for a special gift for a baby girl in Silver! Silver is an auspicious gift for the little Laxmi. Maningful and useful gifts for the baby are Silver Nazariya, Anklets, Silver Bowl and dinner set, Nazarbattu, Bangles, Kadas, Rattles and more.

Looking for a special gift for a baby girl in Silver! Silver is an auspicious gift for the little Laxmi.  

Here are some meaningful and useful gifts for the baby. 

1. Silver Nazariya:

Nazariya is a black beads bangle worn by babies on both hands. It is believed to ward off evil and protect the baby. What better gift can you give the baby!

Baby Nazariya Silver

2. Silver Kada:
Kada are a type of broad Silver Bangles that are worn by babies on hands and legs. Kadas come in various designs and styles. Kadas usually have a bold design in the center, and can be twisted or pulled to open. Kadas may have a central motif like a lion or an elephant, or may have a simple circular ball to twist open.

Baby Girl Kada Silver

3. Silver Anklets:
A pair of Silver Anklets is a perfect gift for a baby girl. Suitable for gifting on any occasions or without any occasion! Perfect gift for a baby girl.
Some anklets have tiny tinkerbells or ghungroos that make a sweet sound when your baby walks. It is the best gift for a baby when she takes her first step.

 Anklets for Baby Girl Silver

4. Baby Dinner Set:
Looking for a gift for Annaprashana or Annaprasan ceremony? Annaprasan is a ceremony when the baby is fed rice for the first time. What better gift than a Silver Spoon and Bowl. You may also choose a complete dinner set that includes a silver plate, bowl, glass and spoon.

 Baby Silver Bowl and Spoon

5. Baby Rattle:
Why buy a plastic toy when you can buy a Silver one. The silver rattle is a great toy for a baby. The rattle has bells and a whistle and is a sustainable gift.

Silver Baby Rattle

6. Baby Bangles:
Silver Bangles for babies come in various designs and styles. They come in meenakari colourful designs, stones, oxidised finish, filigree and more. The bangles are usually adjustable in size and can be pressed and pulled to shrink or expand the bangle.

Baby Bangles for girls Silver

7. Baby Nazarbattu cum bracelet:
Nazarbattu is an anklet with black thread. It is worn by babies to ward off evil eyes and spirits. Suitable for occasions like Baby Shower, Birthdays and Indian Jalwa Pujan. The Silver Filigree Nazarbattu is on a black thread and has three silver filigree charms on it. It can be worn as a bracelet as well. Can be worn by kids of all ages.

Nazarbattu for Baby Girl