• 10 Unique gifts for your beloved Bhabhi

    Hey, aren’t you tired of gifting your dearest Bhabhi the same old same old Salwar suit? If yes you must be wondering what exactly do I gift her that she will cherish for the rest of her life. There is nothing more special than celebrating the beautiful occasion of Raksha Bandhan which not only honors the beautiful bond between the sister and her brother but also sister-like bond with her Bhabhi by sending simple but memorable gifts.

    Everyone rushes to buy sweets, sarees, dinner sets and the list of such gifts goes on. Why don’t you do it a bit differently this time! Something that is Silver, something that is forever, just like the bond you share!

    Check out the given list of Silver Linings’ silver filigree ornaments where each piece is skillfully handcrafted with love.

  • Silver Filigree jewellery can be worn every day, on every kind of occasion.

    Here are some tips on incorporating Silver Linings filigree jewellery in your daily styling.
  • Filigree - A Dying Art Form

    Filigree is a Dying Art Form. Know more about the challenges ahead of this art and ways of saving and preserving it.

    We at Silver Linings are committed to saving this beautiful art of Tarakasi. 

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