• Filigree - A Dying Art Form

    Filigree is a Dying Art Form. Know more about the challenges ahead of this art and ways of saving and preserving it.

    We at Silver Linings are committed to saving this beautiful art of Tarakasi. 

  • Silver adds glitter to Dhanteras

    Deepawali is a festival which has been celebrated to commemorate the return of Lord Rama from Vanvaas. When Lord Rama came back from exile, the citizens of Ayodhya lit the entire city with lamps in happiness. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi comes down from heaven on this occasion to bless us on e...
  • Odissi Dance Jewellery Sets in Silver Filigree

    We receive many queries from Odissi Dancers across the globe about Odissi Dance costume jewellery. Dancers want to know what the traditional Odissi Dance costume jewellery is, and which pieces of the Odissi Dance Jewellery Sets are available in Silver Filigree.

    So we thought it would be good write a blog on Odissi Dance Jewellery Sets that are so meticulously and passionately handcrafted by our artisans in Cuttack. After all, the hard work done by our artisans deserves to be shown to the world, especially to the patrons of the oldest dance form in India.

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