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Timeless jewelry handcrafted with passion

Silver Filigree Art of Cuttack

Filigree - A Dying Art Form

Filigree is a Dying Art Form. Know more about the challenges ahead of this art and ways of saving and preserving it.

We at Silver Linings are committed to saving this beautiful art of Tarakasi. 

Filigree is an ancient traditional art form native to Eastern Odisha, especially to Cuttack and its surrounding areas. Also known as “Tarakashi”, this jewellery is made by stretching silver into thin wires, which are interwoven together, are intricately designed and moulded into various pieces of delicate ornaments.

This fine form of artistry is the result of artist’s precision and dedication. The craftsman patiently and laboriously turns the silver wires and foils into elegant designs adding spirals, webs and curls as he shapes a Silver Filigree Masterpiece.

Traditionally this art was revered and these jewels worn extensively, making it a lucrative profession for craftsmen. However, today this ancient craft is in dire straits.  Only a limited number of artisan families based in and around Cuttack continue to follow this art. They are struggling to keep its uniqueness alive.  There are several reasons for the decline of handcrafted Filigree Jewellery.

  • One of the major reasons leading to its death is the lack of proper Government intervention. Most Private investors too are disinterested in reviving this art form. Artists, unable to meet ends have lost interest. The ones who are practicing are also trying to ensure the next generation does not follow in their footsteps.
  • Loss of relevance is another factor leading to filigree jewellery’s decline. Modern jewellery designs have moved to small wearable pieces rather than the big spread out necklaces and bangles of yesteryears. The craftsmen continue to handcraft age-old designs and limited products. They cannot keep up with the changing volatile market as their competence lies in making fine jewellery not in understanding latest fashion fads.
  • Inability to cater to huge numbers has also led to the craft’s failure. The process of making filigree jewellery or artefacts is one of pains taking attention and so extremely time – consuming as well. Obviously, machines can churn out cookie – cutter jewellery much faster, but they cannot match the beauty of Hand-crafted Silver Filigree.

The thought that this delicate artistry could still be saved, if given proper attention is what lead to the birth of our Brand Silver Linings. It is our mission at Silver Linings to revive this dying art of Handmade Filigree Jewellery. We have taken several steps to re-invent and given a second life to this dying craft.

  • Our First step was to create brand that catered to customer tastes and provided the customer with a range of high quality, well-crafted products.
  • Our team works with Artisans to help them create contemporary and modern designs which can easily find a market. An example is our latest collection Nostalgia designed by NIFT designer, Nishtha Jain. The collection harks back to ageless elements that truly represent India like The Lord Ganesha, Peacocks etc.
  • We have worked to create engagement with Key Influencers who can speak about the art and its beauty. We are also keen to be connected to the Government to get help wherever needed.  It is our goal at Silver Linings to keep buyers of this art are kept engaged in order to maximize word-of-mouth.

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