10 Unique gifts for your beloved Bhabhi

Hey, aren’t you tired of gifting your dearest Bhabhi the same old same old Salwar suit? If yes you must be wondering what exactly do I gift her that she will cherish for the rest of her life. There is nothing more special than celebrating the beautiful occasion of Raksha Bandhan which not only honors the beautiful bond between the sister and her brother but also sister-like bond with her Bhabhi by sending simple but memorable gifts. Everyone rushes to buy sweets, sarees, dinner sets and the list of such gifts goes on. Why don’t you do it a bit differently this time! Something that is Silver, something that is forever, just like the bond you share!

Check out the given list of Silver Linings’ silver filigree ornaments where each piece is skillfully handcrafted with love.


1. Lumba Rakhi

It stands for bangle originated in Rajasthan, it is a Marwari tradition to tie a Lumba Rakhi on sister-in-law’s bangle in order to wish her a secure and long married life. The Rakhi is inspired by the lovely Jhumkas and symbolizes vibrancy. The Jhumka motif is made from Silver.

 Silver Lumba Rakhi


2. Jhumkas Jhumkas are one of the favorite musthave pieces of jewelry in every Indian woman's jewelry box. These Jhumkas are a show stopper on any occasion and are a delightful addition to your jewelry collection. The Jhumkas are handcrafted in the fine art of Silver Filigree. The earrings have three layers on Jhumkas dangling gracefully. They are oxidized to perfection.

 Silver Jhumkas


3. Nazarbattu Nazarbattu Anklet is a black thread anklet worn to ward off the evil eye. Gift it to save your Bhabhi from buri nazar! This pretty Nazarbattu is made of an intricate Silver Filigree Tulip.



4. Ring The ring is a worthy addition to your accessory box. Gift this delicate floral efflorescent ring and let her bloom! A ring serves as a reminder for lasting relationships. This ring is inspired by nature and beautifully depicts the floral beauty of India.

 Silver Rings


5. Ear Cuffs Ear cuffs symbolize prestige, luxury, passion and elegance. This peacock shaped earring is one of the integral pieces of jewelry used by Odishi dancers. This exquisite piece of jewelry can be used for grand occasions. Apart from its design, it is an excellent example of the intricate Silver Filigree work. The enamel work is outstanding!

 Silver Ear Cuffs


6. Hasli Necklace set This Silver wire Hasli is a perfect blend of ethnic and contemporary art. The Hasli is paired with a perfectly handcrafted Silver Filigree Pendant and matching Stud Earrings. The silver set is inspired by round beads. The Hasli can also be worn without the pendant, or can be paired with other pendant. The Hasli pairs well with ethnic attire as well as western wear

 Hasli Necklace


7. Bangles They signify long life of husband, good fortune and prosperity. Gift it to your Bhabhi to wish her a married life full of love and affection. This pair of bangles is called Choti Bangles or Plaited Bangles. The Silver Filigree work on the bangle resembles plaited hair. The bangles pair well with Indian Ethnic wear.

 Silver Kangans


8. Pendant set The Pendant and Earrings are handcrafted in Silver Filigree in the shape of a circle. The necklace is made of red onyx beads. It can be paired with ethnic or indo- western clothes. This necklace set is a quirkier and modern twist to the traditional art of silver filigree.

 Silver Beads Necklace

9. Ganesh Laxmi Murti Gifting Ganesh Laxmi idols is one of the best ways to send your love, warmth and affection. It indicates your blessings and wishes for her prosperity, positive energy, success, good luck, knowledge and good fortune.

 Silver Ganesh Laxmi Murty


10. Handbag If you're leaning towards sending more expensive gift this silver filigree handbag is the perfect accessory. It is the most unique and beautiful adornment. It is sure to make heads turn and get your Bhabhi some compliments. It will leave a lasting impression of your love in her mind forever.

 Silver Handmag


Trust me, your Bhabhi will surely love these gifts! Not only because they are made of silver and are very pretty but also because they are a piece of our Indian heritage, handcrafted by some of the most talented artisans of Odisha with love and care. But remember they say, “Some gifts are big, some are small, but the ones that come from the heart are the best of all! ” Thank you for reading!

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