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Timeless jewelry handcrafted with passion

Filigree as daily wear jewelry

Silver Filigree jewellery can be worn every day, on every kind of occasion.

Here are some tips on incorporating Silver Linings filigree jewellery in your daily styling.

Accessories and Jewellery have always been part of a woman’s wardrobe. No outfit is ever complete without a piece of jewellery to accessorise it. Adorning a good piece of ornament uplifts a woman’s spirit, makes her feel beautiful and confident.

The trend of wearing jewellery, matching with one’s outfit, on a daily basis has gained much popularity these days – thus jewellery is no heavy and clunky. Small and dainty pieces are preferred for everyday wear. Believe it or not, Silver Linings, traditional filigree crafted jewellery fits this requirement to a T.  Our jewellery can be worn every day, on every kind of occasion. These unique intricately designed hand-crafted pieces of art are easy to wear and also make a good fashion statement.

Here are some tips on incorporating Silver Linings filigree jewellery in your daily styling.

  • Filigree compliments traditional as well as western wear: Your jewellery reflects your style. Elegant, delicate, finely designed filigree helps you make a fine, classy style statement. Whether you like to dress up daily or are a ‘casual no-fuss’ dresser, one piece of filigree silver jewellery can elevate your look. These pieces of infinite beauty blends well with any type of dressing, modern or ethnic. These earrings and Pendant look perfect on a Western Outfit and can be worn to office as well.
  • Variety is the very spice of life: Be it casual meetings, office wears, parties or just daily dressing; matching, mixed or one piece of statement silver filigree jewellery provides you with all the attention that you wish for. Bracelets, neck pieces, earrings or rings, any category of filigree highlights your dressing, be in western or traditional. You can either wear them in sets or as mix and matches. These rings or this Bracelet are versatile enough to be worn with Western or Indian Dresses.
  • Silver jewellery is comfortable: Silver Linings filigree ornaments are exquisite pieces, especially hand-crafted and created by the craftsmen of Odisha. These light-weight trinkets are comfortable to be worn all day long. They are not heavy and they do not weigh you down. Delicately designed, all rough edges, of any filigree jewellery, are smoothened out with precision while making. See how easily they can add to the beauty of the quintessential Black Dress.
  • Easy on pocket: Filigree silver jewellery also known as ‘Tarakasi’ are quite budget friendly pieces of adornment. Considering your budget, you can either buy one piece or a few pieces of silver jewellery at a time. We, at, have a huge category of items in various budget ranges for you to choose from.

We at Silver Linings, know how much women love jewellery and how filigree jewellery can sit as classic pieces of ornaments in your jewel boxes. We along with our dedicated craftsmen, are working hard to revive the craft of Filigree. As part of this endeavour we have created a variety of modern silver jewellery designs to help you wear these with ease while keeping up with jewellery trends. Choose from our huge collection at  and be style ready every day.

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