Chandi Medha

  • Cuttack Artisans add a Silver Lining to Durga Puja!

    Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals in Odisha. It is celebrated with a lot of fanfare across the State and especially in Cuttack. Cuttack, a 1000 years old town of Odisha, is also known as the Silver City and the Millennium City. Thousands of people from across Odisha flock to Cuttack to see the dazzling celebrations of Durga Puja. Cuttack has been home to Durga Puja celebrations since the 15th Century.

    The biggest attraction during Durga Puja are the Puja “Pandals” with the idol of the Goddess. The backdrop of the idol is made bright and attractive.

    The local artisans showcase their craftsmanship on the Puja Pandals in the form of Chandi Medha (Silver Tableaux). Both the Pandals and the Jewelry adorned by the idol is made of Silver Filigree.

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